Ghazali Shafie Book Prize Award (RM120) 

The University offers a book prize award in recognition of academic achievement. All prize is gained by academic merit and, each year to students who meet set criteria which are highly competitive. 

Ghazali Shafie Book Prize is given to the best undergraduate student in the Final Examination for the Degree Bachelor of Arts in International and Strategic Studies. The Prize was established and contributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia (Wisma Putra), in commemorating the legacy of Tun Muhammad Ghazali Bin Shafie (1922-2010), who served as a distinguished Malaysian Foreign Minister and Diplomat (1981-1984), and as a Home Minister under the administration of four Malaysian Prime Ministers, between the reigns of the late Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. 

Upon successfully completed early education at the Raffles College in Singapore, Tun Ghazali Shafie later obtained his LLB (Honours) at the University College of Wales, and Master in International Relations the London School of Economics and Political Science. Tun Ghazali Shafie entered politics and represented the parliamentary seat of Lipis, Pahang from 1974, where he served as Home and Information Minister from (1973-1981), appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs until 1984. Apart from his outstanding legacies in the early years of Malaysian foreign policy after independence, Tun Ghazali Shafie is an eminent statesman, and as part of the Cobbold Commission, a commission of enquiry set up to determine the people of North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak opinions on the formation of Federation of Malaysia (1962-1963). In fact, the famous coat of Arms (Jata Negara) of Malaysia ‘Bersatu Bertambah Mutu’ (Unity is Strength) was part of his initiative when he served as the Ministry of Information (1970) back then. 

Throughout his foreign affair services, Tun Ghazali Shafie has been part of the Eminent Persons Commonwealth Group (1981) in facilitating the multiparty negotiations that lead to the democratic transition of post-Apartheid South Africa, and has been part of Commonwealth Election Observer Group for elections in the South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bangladesh. When he officially retired from the Malaysian cabinet (from the Ministry of Home Affairs in 1984), Tun Ghazali Shafie then served in various private and international posts, including, as the directors and advisors in Landmark Holdings, MUI Finance, Rolls-Royce (Southeast Asian branch), Westmon Bank of Manila and intermega Energy of Australia. At the same time, Tun Ghazali Shafie has remained active as an Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Malay World and Civilization (ATMA), UKM (1993-1995), a Special Advisor to the Malaysian Prime Minister on matters pertaining to foreign affairs and, as a Consultant with the World Bank Economic Development Institute.

Given his outstanding legacies, he was awarded with the ‘Tun’ title, the highest civilian honour/dignitary title that can be granted to a distinguished Malaysian by Yang Di Pertuan Agung (Malaysian King) at the federal level, and there may not be more than 35 Malaysian living Tun holders at any one time. During his service with the Wisma Putra, he was known for his diplomatic role in ASEAN in respect of conflict in Cambodia. Tun Ghazali has been described as a “flamboyant politician” and nicknamed as “King Ghaz”. The late Tun Ghazali’s legacy was later published by the UKM Press, Ghazali Shafie’s Memoir on the Formation of Malaysia. 

The Department’s Book Prize Award (RM200)

The Department’s Book Prize Award is given to the best undergraduate student with the Distinction (First Class Honours). Awarded to the student with the highest CGPA of the graduation year. The award shall be made by the Senate of the University on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners for the Final Examination for the Degree Bachelor of Arts in International and Strategic Studies.

Last Updated: 07/05/2019