Visiting Academics
We welcome applications from academics and practitioners who wish both to contribute to and participate in the research programmes underway at the Department. It may be possible to nominate a visitor as a temporary visiting scholar, depending on seniority and the availability of space. We encourage our visitors to participate fully in the intellectual and social life of both the Department and the University. Visitors are entitled to make full use of the University's research facilities and libraries, in addition to attending seminars, lectures and other academic gatherings ordinarily closed to the general public.

Moreover, we encourage our international visitors to make contact with others in their field, both in University of Malaya and in the wider academic community in Malaysia and in the region. The Department considers the visitors to be of great importance, and makes considerable efforts to integrate visitors into its day-to-day activities. In return, we ask our visitors to involve themselves in those activities, in particular:

  • to have a clear research project to pursue while at the Department, 
  • to participate in seminars and conferences at the Department and University, and give presentations to them where appropriate, and 
  • to contribute to the Department's publication record, especially in the Malaysian Journal of International Relations (MJIR), and ISI/Scopus cited publications.


    We expect our visitors to be fully proficient in the use of written and spoken English at an academic level so that they will be able to derive full benefits from programmes conducted by the Department, Faculty and University.

    Applications are normally made during the academic year preceding a proposed visit, but must be at least one full term in advance. An application should include the following materials:

  • A completed application form,
  • A research proposal (and plausible research plan) while attached at the Department, 
  • A detailed curriculum vitae (especially publications) 

    Please email your application documents to fass_jpas@um.edu.my Once all the above have been received, your application will then be reviewed. You will then be contacted as to whether your application has been successful. References will be requested upon acceptance to the programme- please do not send those as part of your application.

    Visiting Research Students (MPhil/PhD)

    The Department also welcomes applications from graduate students who would like to spend time at the Department in order to progress their research, gain experience by working with one of our academic staffs, meet other staff (within the Faculty) and students, and benefit from taking part in Department, Faculty and University seminars. We expect visiting research students:

  • to have a well-developed research project in the broad field of politics and international relations, in particular area of interest on Malaysia and the region,
  • to provide a clear statement (in the application) how her or his work at the Department would benefit that project, and
  • to contribute to the Department's publication record, especially in the Malaysian Journal of International Relations (MJIR), and ISI/Scopus cited publications. 

An applicant should provide the material that we require for a visiting academic or a research student, and send it to the Department (fass_jpas@um.edu.my) who will assess suitability. Please note that students do not need to identify which academic staff they would like to work with while at the Department or within the University. The Department will decide on this and will inform the applicant of our decision. Alternatively, an applicant is welcome to contact the Department in advance at fass_jpas@um.edu.my in order to discuss their proposal and ask any questions they may have.

In assessing suitability we will take into consideration the merit of the application as well as the availability of resources at the Department at the time of the application.

Visiting research students are charged for the use of the fax machine, telephone, printer/photocopier and any postage costs. Because of the financial stringency within the University, we ask our visitors to secure their own finances prior to their application. Please note that the offer of a visiting place to undertake research does not carry with it the guarantee of financial support. You will be required to support yourself or to apply to a grant-awarding body. Should the available office space be fully occupied at the time of your proposed visit, the Department may be able to offer visitors use of a desk in our Postgraduate Room. If this is the case, further details will be provided upon application. Our experience is that visitors are usually able to include their living costs in their own research funding.

Please note that if we do not have space available in the Department, we will be unable to accept your application. 

Staying in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The University, like many academic communities, has a limited availability of accommodation, particularly for short term visitors. Therefore, living arrangement should be made well in advance. There are two types of accommodation options for all visitors at the University of Malaya: 

On-Campus Residential College

Eleven residential colleges are located within the University (walking distance to the faculties) and two outside the University. These colleges are equipped with a cafeteria, photocopy shop, laundry, sport facilities, meeting and project rooms, study rooms, computer and printing facilities. There are two major options for residential rooms for the students:

  • Twin Sharing Rental per month (self-catered or without a meal) – RM450 (US$ 150) 
  • Triple Sharing Rental per month (self-catered or without a meal) – RM360 (US$ 120)

Off-Campus Residential College

Rental of private accommodation within 5 kilometers from the University campus as follows: 

  • A Room in a shared flat – RM450-RM650 (US$ 150 - US$ 200) 
  • An Apartment (2-3 Bedrooms) – RM2,000 - RM3,200 (US$ 625 – US$ 1,000) 

The rental of off campus can be different depending on accommodation types and may or may not include water and electricity (utility) bills, which are subject to the tenancy agreement with the landlord or owner of the property. 

Living Expenses

Living expenses depend on one's needs and lifestyles. An estimated cost of food, books, clothes, entertainment, local travel and miscellaneous per month for a single student is approximately around RM700 to RM1,000 (US$ 250- US$ 350) 

For further information (on accommodation) please contact:

International Student Centre

Level 1, Block G 
Perdanasiswa Complex 
University of Malaya 
50603, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Email: isc@um.edu.my 
Website: http://isc.um.edu.my 
Tel: +603 79677711/7718/ 
Fax: +603 79677710 

We ask that your proposed visit dates do not exceed the stated periods in your offer letter; you are welcome to request an extension to your stay once you are at the Department, but this cannot always be granted. 

For all enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the Department
Department of International and Strategic Studies 
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 
University of Malaya 
50603 Kuala Lumpur 


Last Updated: 02/05/2019